Hit the road with "Myles"

Hit the road with "Myles"

Myles has found a home!

Myles has found an AMAZING forever home with his new mom, Heather.  Myles is her first pit bull and she says he had her at "first kiss".  Gosh, I love happy endings!!!!!

Myles is still looking for a home! How can this be?! He's perfect!


Why is Myles still available for adoption instead of in his forever home?  We have NO idea here at CHAKO, because let me tell you, Myles is pretty much perfect! 

Myles gets along with everyone and everything that he meets! 

Myles has been going on lots of group walks with 20+ dogs, and has had a few puppy playdates, which he really enjoys.  He loves everyone and is just so great! 

We recently discovered that Myles likes to swim!  He likes ponds and pools just the same!  He thinks the water is pretty great to play in.  Once it warms up I foresee a kiddie pool in his future! 

He now knows the following commands: sit, off, come, wait, leave it, drop it, no, look, kennel, slow down, and down and stay are just about there!  Down and Stay have been hard because he gets SO happy during training that it literally is hard for his butt to just stop wiggling from the happy tail he's got going on!  He also is totally housebroken and crate trained and walks PERFECTLY on a leash with just a martingale collar. 

After fostering this sweet boy for about 6 weeks now, I still do not have one negative thing to say about him.  He truly is a gem of a dog. 





Learning lots of new things, including FETCH!


So I do not have one single bad thing to say about this sweet little guy.  Myles is learning SO quickly and is doing so well.  His obedience is coming along very nicely, and he has learned how to play fetch!  He and his foster brother, Cooper, love to play fetch together.  Isn't everything more fun with a friend?

Myles also went to his first adoption event where he was a SMASH hit with Petco shoppers and the employees.  He is such a little schmoozer, and he wiggled his way into the laps of every person who would sit down with him, even for just a second. 


He has joined me on a few "pit bull" walks that I host and has been an ambassador to his breed time and time again.  He has also accompanied me to work, and has helped set a good example for some dogs with behavioral issues.

This boy is doing amazingly well, and I can't wait to continue to report on the life of this little guy who almost didn't make it!




Meet "Myles" aka "Mr. Wiggles"

Meet Myles!  The reason I also like to call him “Mr. Wiggles” is because his cute little pit bull butt and tail NEVER stop wagging: LITERALLY!  So watch out if you have gorgeous little items on your coffee table, because prepare for this sweet dog not only to sweep you off your feet, but he may also sweep off your table…Oops.

Myles is about a year old and was a stray turned into the Martinez Animal Shelter.  He was saved just in the knick of time by a volunteer, who then brought him to me, his foster mom.  I was already committed to fostering for CHAKO, yet had not been paired with a dog at that point, so I figured I’d keep Myles for a bit and see if I thought he would pass CHAKO’s behavioral requirements.  Well, after a couple of days, I knew this dog was a pit bull super star!  There is NOTHING not to like about this boy as long as you love gushy, over the top in love, cuddly, always happy, and everything-there-is to love about the breed pit bulls. 

Myles is great with other dogs and appears that he may have the potential to live with a cat (although he currently does not).  He loves his two doggy house mates, a male 4.5 year old Lab x Pit mix and an 8 year old female Pit Bull.  I also have friends’ dogs here constantly, and he has played well and appropriately with all of them.  He would do wonderfully in a home with other dogs, but since he truly loves his people so much, he would do just fine as an only dog as well as long as his new owners spent enough time with him (as with any dog). 

Myles loves everyone he meets and is ALWAYS happy to give anyone a free facial if they’ll let him.  He also adores children. 

When I received this dog he clearly had NO training.  He is so smart and willing to please, so things are going great and progressing very quickly!  He is completely housebroken, crate trained, walks perfectly on a leash in just a martingale collar, and knows “sit”.  He is learning his other commands (right now we are learning "down", "stay", "wait", and "leave it") and we spend about 20 minutes a day working on it. 

I’ve only had this dog for about 1.5 weeks, but am head over heels in love, as I’m sure you will be if you are interested in meeting this loveable petite guy.  Keep checking back on the blog to follow the adventures of Myles!


If you are interested in this gem of a dog, please email CHAKO Adoptions at adoptions@chako.org

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